Le Neuf Gallery promotes contemporary art in the heart of the Brussels gallery scene.

In Le Neuf Gallery, Xavier Huysmans takes pleasure in promoting his personal selection of inspiring contemporary artists or alternatively provides an exceptional space for rent to artists or other galleries who wish to conquer the heart of the renowned Brussels art public. Le Neuf Gallery is situated in the famous Rivoli center in the Brussels art district.

His selection of contemporary artists is based on emotion, belief and trust. He focusses on young, emerging creators or confirmed artists which have not been discovered yet by the Brussels public. The range of artistic disciplines covers painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, ceramics, fashion design, multimedia…

Le Neuf Gallery is also an exceptional location for other artists and galleries who wish to benefit from an exceptional exposure in the heart of the Brussels gallery scene during a limited period of time. The beautifully designed space offers about 40m2 of vertical exposition surface and is fully equipped with all the comfort you need to focus on your work and your visitors.

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